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2012 - present

Summer 2015

Fall 2014





B.Fine Arts  , Department of Ceramics and Glass Design, 

 Bezalel academy, Jerusalem. Currently I am working on my final project.

Over the past Three and a half years I've learned about many fields: theory of art, glass processing, clay processing, computer (SW,PS and C4D) and design courses. As far as time goes by I realize how true it was to go to the Academy.


Workshop Leader of  “Hot Glass and Ceramics” course under the instruction

of Boris Shpeizman.  Part of the International Summer Academy program of “Bild-Werk”, Frauenau, Germany. I had depend my understanding about the materials limitations and got some insights about ways to integrate them. It was an outstanding experience to teach, and non of the less to learn from, talented people from all over the world.


Student Exchanges program at Ceramics and Glass Department, Konstfack

University  college of arts, crafts and design, Sweden. Konstfack was a significant period for me, as an artist and in my glass education.i got to     blow glass with experienced glassblowers  hoe gain there skills before school from factories or assistants  for glass artists, it was a big breakthrough for me

אדם שלוי זכוכית וקרמיקה

אדם סלבי,  זכוכית קרמיקה, עדשות, צמחים ואומנות, בצלאל 2016

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