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I grew up in a family of people with great imagination and love for creation, I had the opportunity over the years to experience and work with different materials. 


Six years ago I realized I wanted to be more exposed to art and practical methods. I decided to take a glass blowing course. I was  attracted to glass as it is a basic natural material that goes far back into the history of mankind. After the course was over I stayed with a lot of passion to learn and succeed mastering this complicated craft. Following my instructor advised i’d applied to the  Bezalel academy.

אדם שלוי זכוכית וקרמיקה

אדם סלבי,  זכוכית קרמיקה, עדשות, צמחים ואומנות, בצלאל ,0, סאלביבי, 

Adam Salvi | אדם שלוי

The "Night Dancer"

a journey on and about a wooden boat

Lake Victoria, Uganda, 2009
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