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אדם סלבי,  זכוכית קרמיקה, עדשות, צמחים ואומנות, בצלאל 2016

אדם סלבי,  זכוכית קרמיקה, עדשות, צמחים ואומנות, בצלאל 201 , סאלבי, 6


​The necklace mimics the curving streets of the Old City and the prayers that arise from them. The work is also an homage to an Armenian priest, one of the founders of St. James’s Church, who was well-known for the heavy necklace he wore. The beads were made using special ring techniques that create unique colors and textures, so that every bead is distinct and unique. Some of the beads were decorated in typical Armenian style by Sandrouni, a local studio in the Old City. 


Jerusalem, JANUARY 2018

photographs by Ayelet Ben-David

אדם שלוי זכוכית וקרמיקה


אדם שלוי זכוכית וקרמיקה

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